12 Most Popular Dissertation Topics On Leadership In Business

With the recent prolonged recession, the role of business leaders has come under scrutiny, and the extent to which their skills are effective has come under intense examination. There is a huge split in opinion among economic experts as to how effective leadership in business can change the fortunes of a company. Many have blamed the entire recession to the ineptitude of business leaders, whereas many have claimed that their skills under intense pressure has led to the recovery of many country’s economies. Due to this, it makes for an excellent dissertation subject, and we will discuss the 12 most popular topics to write about on leadership in business.

Topics On Leadership

One of the main characteristics associated with all successful dissertations is the citation of many different pieces of research, and the analysis of different opinions pertaining to the topic. Luckily, business leadership is a very hotly contended topic among modern day economists and analysts, and thus you will be able to incorporate many different viewpoints into your work.

Due to the recent recession and economic turmoil, many academics are also interested in analyzing the effects of leadership in business, and this is also a huge positive for you as it means that you will have a plethora of research to cite in your paper.

The following 12 topics are the most popular precisely because it allows you to hit these two extremely important objectives of a high quality thesis:

  1. National management style in a global economy
  2. How can leadership be restored in business?
  3. How did bad leadership lead to the economic crisis in 2008?
  4. To what extent has good leadership led to the recovery of the economy in the United States
  5. How has business leadership changed in the last 10 years?
  6. How can leadership affect an organization negatively?
  7. How can competent leadership boost employees’ morale?
  8. What does good leadership look like?
  9. How popular is remote leadership becoming?
  10. Leadership and interorganizational networks
  11. What are the modern challenges facing business leaders?
  12. To what extent do business leaders have an effect on government policies?

All of these are excellent leadership topics to write a dissertation on.

If you follow our advice and choose one of the 12 topics we recommend, then you will have no problem attaining a high mark in your paper. The key is to incorporate many different pieces of research and analyzing differing opinions, especially those that are different to your own. If you need more help, we advise to visit this website.

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