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UW-Parkside animation workshop with Hans Gindlesberger

Instructions from the Hans Gindlesberger on the computer side of animating they images. These will refresh your memories if you want to try it at home!
Part 1: Photoshop Actions and Batch Edits
We used Actions to record a script that would resize our images to a standard size. 720 pixels wide worked well as a standard dimension. Video images don’t need to be as large as still photos used for printing. In PS, go to Window > Actions to bring up the Actions palette. With the icons at the bottom of the palette, create a new set and create a new action inside it. A red “record” light comes on. Make whatever edits you need to your image in PS. The software is keeping a record of everything you do to the image. After you’re done editing, hit the “stop record” button.

Go to File > Automate > Batch to bring up the Batch Edit options. In this window you’ll select your source image folder where all your still frames are. Make sure the top of the window is set to the Action you recorded. Run the batch edit and PS will automatically edit each photograph in the folder.

Part 2: Import to After Effects
We used AE to quickly compile the still frames into animated sequences that can be organized into a timeline. Start the process by importing your files. Go to File > Import. Navigate to the folder with your images and select the first one in the sequence. Make sure you select “Import As: Image Sequence” and “Force Alphabetical Order” should normally be checked. The clip will appear under the Project window, where you can drag it down to the timeline to organize it.

That’s a simple run through. Students would probably end up needing to troubleshoot some things if they were to do this themselves. That’s why reading a few tutorials would be helpful to get a more robust feel for the software, but those are the basic steps we used today.

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